About Us

Our Vision & Mission

To Transform the community and provide leadership for the advancement of women health through using fetal development education and medical procedures, keeping in the mind holistic pregnancy care with advanced technologies.

At the Fetal Center, we dedicate ourselves to improving the maternal and child outcomes, and raising the standards of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of maternal & fetal disease by focusing on the advancement and dissemination of knowledge through various techniques.


Our Commitment

Our commitments are to provide the best care possible to proudly mothers & their babies. We are committed to our professionalism.

Principal Consultant

We are having a team of professional consultant who are working head to head to render a quality care to everyone in case of every emergency round the clock.


Dr. Advait Prakash,

M.S (Gen. Surgery), M.Ch (Pediatric Surgery)


Dr. Virendra Mehar,

M.D. (Paediatrics)


Dr. Sangram Singh,

M.S (Gen. Surgery), M.Ch (Pediatric Surgery)


Dr. Vikas Jain,

D.N.B. (Paediatrics), M.N.A.M.S.


Dr. Ashish Jaiswal,

D.C.H.D.N.B. (Paediatrics)


Dr. D.M. Gandhi,

M.S. (Cardio-Thoracic & Vascular Surgeon)


Dr. B.S. Shekhawat,

D.C.H. (Gold Medalist) D.N.B. (Paediatrics)


Dr. Chandan kumar Shaw

MD (Pediatrics) UK (MRCP UK)

Know your Doctor

Dr Shweta Bhandari, M.S. Obstetrics & Gynecology, Fellowship Fetal Medicine

“I don’t want my patients to ever look back and feel like they missed any opportunities to experience joy during their pregnancies,” says Dr Shweta Bhandari from Centre for Fetal Medicine BHRC Indore. As a perinatologist, Dr.Shweta Bhandari specializes in maternal-fetal medicine, particularly high risk pregnancies. She determines the best strategies for helping high-risk families plan for healthy pregnancies. She helps expectant mothers manage existing medical conditions that could harm them or their unborn babies – diabetes, hypertension, and some autoimmune disorders, for instance – as well as pregnancy-related conditions including gestational diabetes and pre-term labor. She sees women with multiple gestations and those who have experienced problems or had poor pregnancy outcomes in the past. She performs both routine ultrasound to assess fetal anatomy and targeted ultrasound to aid in screening for chromosomal disorders (aneuploidy) or other birth defects. Despite the higher-than-normal risks faced by many of her patients, she strives to ease their minds by following them closely and keeping them in the loop. Her Saying “It’s my job to look for things to worry about, and I’m committed to communicating with my families so they understand anything that might be going on. “The relationships I develop with my families are what I love most about what I do.” Dr Shweta Bhandari had done her fellowship in Fetal medicine from New Delhi and she has worked at Harris Birthright Centre ,a leading clinical unit and research centre for the assessment and treatment of unborn babies in London.